Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf

The Story:

Knitters are notorious givers—especially when there’s a connection between gift and knitting. Check out the websites below for ways that knitters can put their talents to good use and for more information on breast In 1997, The National NeedleArts Association launched Stitch to WIN Against Breast Cancer.

As for our scarf, we made if short and breezy. It measures 36" from end to end and 7" across. To create the same pattern at each end, the scarf is worked in two pieces that begin at the ends and finish at the center back. When the pieces are complete, they are seamed, or grafted, together.

The Yarn:
Wool Bam Boo — 50% wool, 50% bamboo
I like all of CEY yarns, but some I like more than others. I feel a little traitorous saying this—it’s like admitting to a favorite child. But yarns, like children, have endearing qualities, and in a given situation, some have more than others. One yarn that is, in my opinion, nearly perfect for scarves or any time you want a lovely, drapey yarn is Wool Bam Boo. I love it. It has softness, drape, and exquisite stitch definition. It’s not too heavy and not too thin. At 5½ sts to the inch on a size 6 needle, it’s just right. The wool component adds elasticity, bounce, and a bit of halo to the yarn. The bamboo adds drape and a subtle sheen.

The Stitches:
The scarf begins with two repeats of a lace horseshoe pattern. One of the surprises of many lace patterns is that they create a scalloped or pointed edge. In this case, the little points formed by the stacked decreases above them are highlighted with small bobbles. The body of the scarf is worked in stockinette panels interspersed with columns of stacked yarnovers. Download the pattern at:

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